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Thank you for entrusting your patients with our care at Center for Digestive Healing. We are committed to providing personalized care that can enable each person's potential for optimal gastrointestinal function & overall health.

We know how important it is to communicate healthcare goals and action plans with referring physicians & medical providers in our community. As part of the team, we will continue to provide the best healthcare we are able to offer.

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  • Gastroenterologist licensed by CA Osteopathic Medical Board & NY State Medical Board
  • Recommended Board Certified Gastroenterologist
  • Bilingual, Spanish & Cultural Competence Training
  • Expert Medical Staff and Patient Service Representatives
  • Three Convenient Endoscopy Centers
  • Two Office Locations in Southeast LA, Cudahy & San Gabriel Valley, Pasadena
  • Extended hours via Telehealth appointments
  • Medical Staff & Provider Availability
  • Patient-centered Service
  • HD Technology at Endoscopy Centers
  • Direct Access for Patients
  • Prompt Patient Scheduling (If notified, will contact patient for scheduling within 1 business day.)
  • Timely Follow-up: (After 3 attempts to contact your patient for scheduling a recalls or a referral, we will send your patient & you a letter to inform that we were unable to reach patient.)
  • Patient & Referring Provider Engagement
  • Coordination of Care
  • Timely, Precise & Detailed Communication
  • Bundled Dictation Reports & Pathology Results
  • Summary Endoscopy Report Sent Home with Patient on day of procedure
  • Our Office Will Call Patients with Results
  • Dr. B Will Call to Discuss Complex Results
  • Cost-Effective Care
  • Communication Enabled with Select Insurances Accepting Dr. Bahamonde



Patient Demographics:

(Min: name, phone number, date of birth, email address for telehealth appointment)
Appropriate Office Visits, Labs, Endoscopy Report Images & Pathology Reports
​It is always best to send your patient's information to us even if there is no referral required. You can also instruct patients to upload their records or enter their personal health information into our Patient Portal.

These actionable items can assure you that we will contact your patient within 1 business day.

After 3 contact attempts, our office will send you, and your patient a letter stating we could not contact them for an appointment. This is a key part of our communication with you.

Again, we thank and appreciate you trusting your patients with us.

We have created a Resources Section in our website where you can peruse helpful information, including prep instructions & a guide for their endoscopy center visit, when appropriate.


You may contact us for more information--

Office Manager: Heather Aguirre

Dr. Bahamonde:



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